Saturday, 1 May 2010

Cool people who make nice things: Johnny Flynn.

Last monday was heaven. I went to a concert of Mumford and Sons, DAMN I love those guys. But then the supporting acts: first Albatross. Lovely lovesongs on guitar, really sweet. And after that: JOHNNY FLYNN. He's like amazing and the cutest man alive. And he plays a lot of instruments, and he plays them good! I think I'm in love.

Yes, he plays the headpart in Crusade in Jeans. I noticed that later, which is strange. Anyways. You gotta love him.


Monday, 5 April 2010

I heart: Anneke van Giersbergen

Just heard this from my dad. I really love this song, so I thought I share it with you.

Can you guys help me find a punishment for Bobby Blue? This is the second time that she isn't on time with the dare.


PS. Oh Hun's, I almost forgot: Happy Easter, lovelies!

Sunday, 28 March 2010


Hello there,

I'm sorry I haven't put any sound under the footage I made, but I need to do my homework too. And I haven't slept verry well last night. Sooo enough excuses.

I made it with the only actors I have. No playmobil was harmed making this movie.

Playmobil tale. from Z on Vimeo.

This is the story:

It's just a regular day at school when Sophie tries to get the attention of Rick. She whispers something in his ear and points at Blue. Blue is an outcast. Rick and Sophie are calling all the kids together. 'Don't you think Blue looks good today, with his pyamatop still on!??!', Sophie screams. The teacher turns his head away. The kids went their faces and fists to Blue: 'Blue wears a pyama! Blue wears a pyama!'. Blue doesn't answer. He sees the kids coming closer and closer. He's scared, but doesn't show it. And that makes Rick mad. He punches Blue. Blue hits the ground. The kids laugh and realise the fun is over, they turn away.

That night Blue has an amazing dream. He's in a garden full of flowers and animals. They're all so kind to him. Then a dove strikes near. He places his claws gently in Blue's pyamas and flies away. Blue flies with him. They land on a toilet. The dove says: 'Wait here'. Blue isn't shocked. This is a dream, and everyone knows that doves talk in dreams. And then an alien appears. Blue is shocked. He collapse but she catches him and tells him this: 'I happen to like your pyamas, Blue. I happen to like your hair, your freckles, I happen to like everything about you, just as Mary does'. And then she kisses him on top of his head.

Blue wakes up with a smile when his father wakes him. 'Today's gonna be great dad!', he says happily. 'Good to know, son'. At school he walks straightly to Rick. 'I'm sorry that I didn't respond to your message yesterday. I happen to like my pyamashirt, as you like to call it', he says. Rick looks at him and starts to laugh. But it's a good laugh, full of respect. And then Blue walks to Mary and he asks her out.

And they all live happily ever after.

I know the story is lame. But I don't have time and words enough to come up with something amazing.

Next dare:
Get inspired by this:


Sunday, 21 March 2010

HappyDay Dare

Sorry I'm late.
It's rubbish, but whatever. I had a really cool idea but couldn't do it. Might do it another time.

Tristan from Bobby blue on Vimeo.

Z, for you I'm going to give you 5 words and you need to get those things in the video, it doesn't matter how, as long as they're obviously all there.

  1. Toilet
  2. Blue
  3. Alien
  4. Walking
  5. Dream
Good luck!

Love, Bobby

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

My dear 10 followers and possible other readers,
I am truly sorry for not uploading my video. I gave myself the freedom to do it next week. You see, I tried and stuff, but it didn't really work.
Excuses excuses. I'll give you one of my favourite videos though. So here it comes. ENJOY.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Happy DayDare

Well, damn you Bobby. This one really sucked! (just kiddin')
Haha, so I tried and I tried but I don't even look like a male person.
So I thought what if I filmed love from a male's perspective?

Here we go:

My name is Daan. And I'm in love. This is my vision on love. Enjoy.

Time for a new dare:

I dare you, Bobby Blue, to choose a song. And make a clip by that song. In that clip you must take the lyrics of the song literally, so when the word baby is in the song, I want to see a baby, you understand!?!

Haha, Lotsoflove,


Sunday, 28 February 2010

HappyDay Dare

Well hello,
Here's the video I made of my (fri)day. Nothing interesting happened. There should've been a titleroll, but that fell of or something, so I'm going to write it down here:

a day in the life of bobby blue
made for the lovely z
music by air
there were no animals harmed during the making of this movie

And for Z we've got a new dare.. The idea is not entirely mine, but yeah, whatever. Linda talked about it. Right so here it comes:
I want you to show us how you'd be like if you'd been born as a boy. You may draw this, write it, make a song about it, make a video, pictures, collage, I don't really care. You may only want to show what you'd look like, but if you want you can also tell us about the way he lives, his interests, the way he walks, talks, etc etc. It should be finished next sunday!
Good luck :D